Creating history logging optional for vehicle attributes in FleetOrganizer?

Hello, I am working on automatically updating vehicle attribute value for an interval of one minute or one hour.
Currently all changes to attribute values in FleetOrganizer are logged into the history. Is it possible to make History log entry optional when manipulating data via the official API.


Attributes are designed to contain meta-information like the color of a vehicle. Not something like speed. Consider to create measurement files.

Okay, Instead of Speed, for example we want to update Mileage attribute of the car once a day.
Is it possible to possible to have an option to disable the history log?

Hello, Just a remainder. Is it possible to add an option to disable the history log?

Hello jayadhar.kasula,

Sorry for the late reply.

No, this is currently not possible. All available options should be listed in the updateVehicleAttribute operation: Pantaris API v2 .

Also, making this possible is in my opinion prune to errors. Eventually there should be an option to hide certain changes or even filter the changelog view. Feel free to submit a feature request: Documentation | PANTARIS .

Kind Regards, Hans