[API] File Endpoints: File Hash Missing

The endpoints
always return “XXXXXX” as the “hash”.
The actual hash value would be usefull for ICC to check for already uploaded files.

Do i need to provide a special parameter to the endpoint, in order to have the Hash value computed by Calponia?

Daniel S

Hi Daniel,

we dropped the hash some time ago (2018) - it is deprecated since then but was not removed. The hash was used like the id today to directly access the files. I do not remember fully, but i think it was no real image hash in the first place, as it was generated before the file was uploaded.

So sadly there is no way to check if the same image is already there based on a hash. But it would be possible to implement in the future i think. Until then you would have to check name and size (and hope it fits).

Greetings, Hans