[API] limit searches and requests

The following limits will be enforced soon.

  • If you are using xxx/search requests in your application (e.g. vehicles/search) and you have not set a limit yet, please do so now. In the future, requests without a limit or a limit higher than 1.000 will be rejected. If you require more than 1.000 resources (e.g. you want to display all potential files in a project), please paginate through them using skip.
  • Please make sure that your applications stays under 300 requests per minute. In the future, if your application-instance goes over this limit for a period of time, the API will return a 429 Too Many Requests error.

If you have any concerns (or already know that your application needs a higher limit), feel free to contact the calponia support.

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This limit has been deployed now on https://calponia-beta.bosch.com and will soon be activated on productive instances. Please make sure that your application fullfilles the requirements.