Application works on but not on

I made a single Angular Application - it’s just that kind of “hello-world” application you can with ‘ng new ’ - and added a Dockerfile for a multi-stage image as well as the Docker Compose YAML.
Built and deployment work on in a Sandbox.

If I want to reproduce the same on, which is my actual goal because I want to try out the Third Party Permission feature, I can see that the built goes well, but when the application launches the deployment gets stuck at Stage 2 of 6. The dashboard is empty, so I can’t inspect any logs to see what is going wrong.

How comes that the identical application works on the productive but not on the latest Pantaris instance?
What do I have to do to get it working?

Hi @christian.paukovits , please create a incident report with your app+instance identifiers. See guidelines for more information.