Authentication flow

  • I have enable SSO from Pantaris and use the configuration links provied by Pantaris to configure to my Angular application (using angular-oidc-client package)

  • Currently i can login and successfully authenticated with my company account but when return back to my website, the userinfo api is just return {sub: ‘…’}, do i have to configure anything to get full userinfo (i already used scope with “openid profile” but the web return with invalid scope)

  • Another point: when i successfully get access token from above step and then i can use this token to use pantaris api as document mentioned

curl --request GET \
  --url /vehicles/2ffbc033-aa05-4b6e-b1b8-130260a28534 \
  --header 'Authorization: Token rGychGGXLHUhKnLGwR1egARZ0s1Dju0uQMT9Q6Qf0eO9PKpH5dlRByW0lP'

→ Is this the right way of authentication flow?

Hi and welcome,

we currently don’t support scopes to retrieve more user information. Find the docs here: Documentation | PANTARIS. It’s planed to extend the information in the future. You can get more information about the user from the platform-api.

When calling the api with a token from oidc, make sure to use --header 'Authorization: Bearer <bearer token>

Thanks for the reply, but i am not able to retreive the api

The scope : openid pantaris:api-v2 {projectId}:{applicationId}’
Am i missing anything?

And when i decode the access token from oidc, the mapp error has occur:

Please create a ticket and provide the token/it’s mapper error, so we can check what’s the issue in your application/project.

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