Calponia token for eclipse environment script

We have our web app hosted in PANTARIS. That we can access using our browser.

We have a build action script that we trigger in AEEE pro (Eclipse IDE for Automotive Software Developers)

My AEEE pro script needs some data from our hosted app API, how can we get the calponia-token so that the script can use the token and access the API of my hosted app.

PS: We can get it from the cookies of web browser, but is there any other way of dynamically generating the calponia-token for our script, so that we can avoid any manual effort from user side?

Note: We cannot host our script as standalone app on PANTARIS as it needs AEEE pro environment for execution.

Hi, the easiest way is to onboard your script as “equipment” in the belonging project.

Can you please explain a bit, I have created a equipment and now I have device token.
I can access my api using this; but the problem is the script is part of a repo, that will be checked in by many users in that case where to maintain the device token?
How the users can get the device token as we cannot maintain as the part of the script ?

For a script, that’s not really possible. It more depends on where is your script “hosted”. If you are not able to have a secure env, you need to requested it as input param.

Another option, if you want to have a user context, but use own infrastructure/environment, we offer third party hosted applications, which use Oauth with PKCE browser flow. So, if you can host your script somewhere in the internet and wrap it within a small web-application, you could use that. However, you would be required to host the api and “script” together.

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