Change password link for non SSO


For a non SSO users, what will be the URL for change password? We have change password option in our application and want to redirect the users on pantaris to change their password for non SSO.

what’s non SSO?

PANTARIS does not use own accounts, so there is nothing you can link to. Passwords are changed at the respective Identity Provider, which the user used to login.

For bosch employees, single sign on is available, But the customers outside of Bosch, have to register through single key id and use the crendentails for future login is our understanding. In this case, if they want to change their password, how will they be able to do it?

Singlekeyid has it’s own page, where they can change their password.

Note: There can be further Identity Providers in the future. It’s probably more useful to keep it generic rather than provide links (e.g. text-info “Passwords can be changed at your Identity-Provider, which you used to login”) or drop the password-change feature at all

Ok. Thanks for the response