Changes of the next maintenance window

This is an information about changes, which will be performed in the next maintenance window (2nd of august).

We change the load balancers in the upcoming maintenance window on This shouldn’t require any apps changes, as its just intrastructure, but IPs will change (platform + apps). During the maintenance window every load balancer of the platform and external-port-apps gets duplicated (existing one from the old type + a new one). Then we swap the dns-entry to the new one and turn off the old load balancer afterwards. So this change does not cause a downtime.

Nevertheless if you cache the IPs somewhere, you need to refresh them. Keep in mind Calponia does not provide static IPs. However, as this change all IPs at once we give a notice in advance.

If you want to test your applications before the changes go live, send me a message and I provide you more information.

We are moving the deployment to next week.