Development pipeline

Does Pantaris have integration with development pipeline: CI/CD, gated checkin, review process?
What are the best practices and releasing strategy supported by platform?

Hey there,

Pantaris is currently not opinionated in regards to CI/CD and code review processes. We generally leave those decisions to you, and you are free to work in whichever way suits you.

If you would like to integrate your pipeline with Pantaris, you could (for example) add the key of your CI pipeline to a user with the ability to create new application versions and then run the “git push” step described in the “Service Portal” → “Versions” page in CI via a script.

You could further use the platform API to read out the created application version and start a sandbox application instance of it (for example if you would like to do E2E tests). See more here and here.

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How we can authorize for execute such API? Mentioned documentation isn’t correct as technical user and OAuth aren’t supported in current version of platform. User token also couldn’t be used as it might be changed and I don’t like to use mine credentials for build pipeline.

Could you describe what you want to do?

You mentioned “build pipeline”. On our review/test instance ( you can access the docker registry directly. This would enable you to build/push images by yourself. This feature needs to be tested thoroughly before it lands on production but feel free to try it out if it suits you.

There are plans to support secrets within your app lifecycle, but this will take some time.

I’m interesting in approach available at production instance and pointed at documentation above. We have to authorized for execute REST Api for starting sandbox instance PANTARIS API v2. What the option we have except user token (such option isn’t accepted as unreliable and insecure)?

I checked, and you’re correct about the described documentation not working.
This is already pantaris version 0.15.

That being said, as far as I see it only the user/equipment tokens are available for the next 8 days.
After that technical user and iam should work as v0.15 will be released.

Sorry for the inconvenience.