File access out of app in organization context


I have an app which is running in organization context.
Is that possible to access or create files out of this app? where will the file be stored?
I only know the file storage is only in project context.

thank you for any hints on it.


Hey Wanli,

  1. You can upload files into projects even if your application is running in the organization context (provided the organization has at least one project). These files behave the same way as if the application was running in the project context (bound to the project, accessible by project members etc). The documentation for this can be found here:
  1. We don’t currently support uploading files outside of projects. If you need this for your use-case (e.g. cross-project sharing), we do support volumes for organization context apps, but you will have to provide the upload/download logic yourself. The documentation for this can be found here: