Hello Word App

Hallo zusammen,
Could someone help me? I tried to push my hello world app, but i am getting following error:

What am i doing wrong? I verified my security key 10 times, the access rights are given as mentionned in the documentation
I am working on calponia-beta.bosch.com

Hi @guillaume.bernhard and welcome :slight_smile:

Your private-key ( located at .ssh/calponia....) has an invalid format.
Make sure you copied the right content from the sandbox-tab and it ends with an empty line.

I copied it 1:1
and now i added an empty line additionnaly. Still i am getting the same error.
I even restarted the whole process from 0 with a new app, still same issue.

Make sure the key-file has:

  • ANSI encoding
  • line-endings are LF and not window-like CR
  • an empty line at the end of the file