How to enable Integration on an existing Application?

We already have a “placeholder” app in Pantaris Marketplace for Data Insights. This “placeholder” can not yet be booked since previously external applications were not supported on Pantaris (the integration feature on Creator is new).

After testing the integration of our self hosted application on Pantaris latest we want to integrate it on PROD.
When selecting “Enable Identity and Access Management” or "“Enable external service provisioning” the save button is inactive and shows the message below.

Please advice on how to proceed.

Hi Erwin, at the moment there is only one way to alter your application settings for third party hosted apps:

→ You have to unpublish the application. Then make your changes and publish it again.

WARNING: unpublish will also stop all running instances inside projects. That means if you have anyone who has activated your application in their project, it will be stopped.

We know that this is only a workaround for now and we are working on adding the option to update an existing configuration without affecting all active instances. We hope to provide this feature in the next update of PANTARIS.



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