How to find out ID of an Service Instance from another service?

Hi all,

In my team we are developing 2 services which run on Pantaris Runtime Environment.
Service A needs to call API provided by Service B. To do so, a URL pointing to the API from Service B shall be used by Service A. Part of the URL is the ID of Service B Instance, which will be changed every time a new Instance of service B is created.
Therefore, Service A needs to know the Instance ID to be able to access the API of the service B Instance.

Can someone give me hints that how to get the instance ID of the service B in the Pantaris Runtime? Is there any API for this purpose available?


Hey, you can find the id on different places. E.g. on the project: getProjects runningApplications.<index>._relId or on the actual instance: searchProjectApplicationInstances.

Thanks for your reply.
How about if the service B instance is running on organization level?

There are similar ressources / endpoints for organization/-instances. Check the api-explorer for more information

I see the endpoint for organization. I will have a try.
Thanks again for the quick answer!