How to get SSH private key of the pantaris application service

We are trying to obtain an SSH private key for authenticating the service. We want to connect an embedded system to Pantaris using SSH. However, to establish this connection, we need a PEM file or private key. We are currently unable to locate the key. Please assist us in finding it. Additionally, could you provide guidance on how to enable port 22?
Thank you

Please provide the information of what you try to connect on PANTARIS or what “authenticating the service” you mean. Some specific app? the git repositories? something else?

We have an application running in a containerized environment in pantaris, and we want to generate an SSH key pair specifically for that application. However, we are encountering an issue because port 22, which is typically used for SSH, is not enabled. Additionally, the SSH package is not being installed from the Dockerfile.

The configuration of the applications and their Dockerfile is up to the service provider of the application itself. You can find more information about how to open a port here: Documentation | PANTARIS

I am running an API{ids}, and in the response body, some fields are null, such as the private key and public key. Could you please guide me on how to obtain the public and private keys for that application version ID? Additionally, could you clarify what the external URL refers to?

Not sure what are you doing now. It’s either not related to the ealier topic or your are completly in the wrong area. If your application contains a ssh-server, you need to provide the ssh-keys / -credentials yourself.

To answer your question: Those keys are from a very old version of PANTARIS and no longer used nowadays. The externalUrl is used in application of type third party