How to reset volumes in


Is possible to reset volumes?
Something like:
docker-compose down --volumes

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Hi @christoph.jahn2 I’m not aware of that functionality. But you can:

  • Create a new application version and you’ll receive a fresh volume.
  • Use terminal commands to remove all content from the volume binding using the developer terminal provided in the Calponia Sandbox.

Deleting via the Terminal in Calponia Sandbox does not work in some cases. For example, when the application is started automatically it will lock some resources such as database files. How could I delete locked files?

If it’s a database I suggest to reset, prune the database or parts of it like db tables.

If the file is in use by the app and not allowing shared access, it’s not possible to prune it via developer tools. This requirement would simplify the developing process.

I suggest to do the development and dockerization locally on your machine to prevent this kind of issues. Once everything runs smooth locally do the final configuration of making sure that the application runs fine on Calponia as well.

I’m aware that it would be much better to have a full development environment directly in Calponia but we are a relatively young product and rely on an increasing number of users / developers to push such an improvement.