How to use the vehicle-attributes search query?

Scenario: Let’s say I have a vehicle with an attribute called speed and a value 200. I would like to use the search endpoint to find that vehicle. Therefor I use a POST request to the endpoint above and provide the following search query object.

Parts of the vehicle data model
  "_relType": "vehicle-attributes",
  "_relId": "bafa6dc6-94fe-11ea-abf6-dbc1c2dd4114",
  "id": "a5b6ffbe-8ebf-11ea-b301-bb2fc13cffd2",
  "value": "2.207"
  "_relType": "vehicle-attributes",
  "_relId": "bb04f21e-94fe-11ea-b76e-87c5abfc603f",
  "id": "a76bacb0-8eb5-11ea-b7a4-c7874e03d996",
  "value": "4268"

Doing a get request on one of them results in:

Response from GET request

[ { id: ‘a76bacb0-8eb5-11ea-b7a4-c7874e03d996’,
{ _relType: ‘projects’,
id: ‘c55b8eb4-8944-11ea-8325-bbd291a18fc4’ },
name: ‘02_Vehicle length [mm]’,
isPinned: false,
{ _relType: ‘vehicle-attribute-groups’,
id: ‘7b72dbc6-89ea-11ea-b5c7-1b0d030e53d9’ },
vehicles: [ [Object], [Object], [Object], [Object], [Object] ],
{ _relType: ‘users’,
id: ‘a52ca566-719d-11e9-9732-5bd1411d2d88’ },
createdAt: ‘2020-05-05T09:49:03.728Z’,
updatedAt: ‘2020-05-05T09:49:03.728Z’ } ]

If I try the get values using the SEARCH endpoint it fails:

Failing query object
  query: {
    value: { _gt: 4 },
  limit: 20,
Error response
{ error:
  { status: 400,
    title: 'Query validation failed',
    detail: 'Query validation failed' } } }
Error: Failed to filter vehicle attributes
at getVehicleData ()

By looking to my GET response I see that my model doesn’t contain a value in it’s model. First of all it would be nice to receive more details about what makes the request fail. So I’ll use the name attribute next and it will always return an empty array [] :frowning:

Working query object
query: {
    name: { _like: '%0%' },
  limit: 20,

Knowing from above that the name is something like ‘02_’ a tried to play around using ‘’ {_eq: myProjectId` but no matter what I try I receive an empty array.

Appreciate support here

  1. The error handling is already being improved by Calponia developer team.

  2. Regarding the query language it was caused due to a shallow copy issue.