Increase the validitity of access token for the application: 1d5d800a-ed6e-11ed-9ffe-c38b56b45c5e

Currently the validity of the access token is 10 mins. With PKCE client this is not a problem as we can refresh the token. But technical user with client_credentials grant type returns only access token and not refresh token. So please increase the validity of access token to 1 hour and refresh token to 24 hours for the application “ETAS Model-Simulator - DEV” with ID “1d5d800a-ed6e-11ed-9ffe-c38b56b45c5e”

The times are not set to their final values yet. Let’s wait with customization until then.

When can we expect the final values to be set on pantaris-latest?

Normally at least 14 days before production release.

(There is no production release including this feature settled right now)