Is amount of services per application restricted by 5?

There is continuously one un-started service (each time it’s different service from 6 defined) when I’m trying to start application in Pantaris App runtime.

It looks like that from last release was introduced breaking change with restriction of services by 5. Is it correct?

I am not aware, that we introduced any service limits with the latest release. I didn’t really got, what limit you are facing?

Random 2 of 7 POD’s got stuck in pending status.

ah, you talking about pods. From your screen I see you are running 7 containers on Free packet. Guess they need / request to much ressources for the small free packet. Try to run it on a larger packet.

I’ve tested in different package size and application only is started in “Large” package. Is it expected?
Before release such setup started even in Free package size. Do you have any documented definition and restriction for packages?

Find some general docs here: Documentation | PANTARIS

The spec of an package is visible within “Instances” on the PANTARIS Creator.

Is it expected that more than 5 pods could be started only in “Large” package size? Before last release such behaviour wasn’t observed.

it’s not that easy to answer that. I can create & configure 1 service, that will not fit on XL, but also an amount which fits on free. It depends on the ressources, used features and more.

Primary you have an amount of memory and CPU. There are other limits as well including soft and hard limits. Create an incident like written here. If you need more information about your given instance.

I suppose it isn’t about resource usages as all time we have different services which couldn’t be started. It might be some constraints were introduced during last release. And I’m trying to understand how I could get around it.
Thanks, I’ll raise the incident.