Is it possible to delete volumes in Calponia?

I would like to be able to delete specific volumes in Is this supported? Is there any way to list all created volumes? Is it possible to check their content from a shell? What is the concept in Calponia dealing with volumes?
The current available documentation on volumes ( does not say anything about this.

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Hello @christoph.jahn2 on our Bosch instance we currently don’t allow to:

  • Delete specific volumes
  • List all created volumes

Could you please provide some more details on the use case. Why does your application require this feature?

On you’ve got the possibility to list all created volumes. Here is a screenshot.

We allow to check their content on both instances from a shell for that you can use the interactive terminal in Calponia to connect to the docker-compose service that is using the named volume.

FYI We’re working on an improved functionality for srv-app developers. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

As a developer, I want to be able to deploy my app (without changing the version number) via git push, and test it in the sandbox with a clean volume. A user might also be interested to reset volumes.