Login to Apps for Operations and Support Team

For the App providers in Pantaris, when applications are offered to customers, how does the Operations Team, Support Team gets access to Customer specific application instances?

How can we avoid the need for customers to manage the Ops/SRE/Support team members additionally in the projects. What is the plan for Pantaris or hat is the suggestion or recommendation regarding this.

Hello Pantaris Team, Could you provide any update here ?

Right now you must ask the customer to get invited to the related project. With that step the customer “agrees” to grant you access to the project data.

On the long term we want to add specific flow to the provider portal and time-restricted access to improve this flow.

Thanks for the response. How do a Provider collect the information of Project Owner and contact him to make this happen. Do you suggest we put this as an info at the App Description? Also as the Project Members can’t be limited to a particular App, enabling an admin role for the Application X could also mean those members are also inherting Admin roles of other apps subscribed to the Project. Do you see this as a agreeable solution with the customer ?

I would appreciate if you could elaborate more on how you see this.