Maintenance: Update of Kubernetes on August 22

Dear customer,

we would like to inform you that we will perfom a Kubernetes update to version 1.26 on August 22 in the time frame from 12 pm-4 pm CEST.

During the update, applications will be rescheduled to new nodes with the latest kubernetes version. Usually this takes at most 10 minutes per app and will happen one by one for each running application instance.
New application instances will directly schedule to nodes with the latests kubernetes version.

Your PANTARIS team


in order to ensure everything goes as planned we have to shift the update by one week. The new date now is August 08 from 12pm to 4am. Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

Kind Regards,
Hans Ferchland

Hello again,

i am very sorry, we have to shift the update another time. We discovered some issues and have to address them in order to prevent those issues during the update process. The new date is August the 22th.

Kind Regards,
Hans Ferchland