Migration of internal instance calponia.bosch.com

calponia.bosch.com is moving… :package:

…but not without you!

The Bosch internal instance calponia.bosch.com will be connected to the external instance pantaris.io.
Don’t worry, boxes are packed, and nothing will be lost.

:question: Why we migrate

There are several reasons why we migrate, which includes among others: double work, data inconsistencies, and business decisions. Let’s get into the details.

We have two instances:

  • calponia.bosch.com: for internal use cases and services, which need access to interfaces within the Bosch intranet.
  • pantaris.io: for all users including external customers and connectivity use cases.

From a user’s perspective

Currently, some internal users manage two accounts across both instances. External customer projects are on pantaris.io, while internal projects are on calponia.bosch.com. Users must remember which projects are in each instance. In some cases, there might even be two projects for the same objective. This can lead to confusion, duplicated efforts, and inconsistent data. After the migration, these issues will be resolved. Whether it’s internal tasks or external collaboration, everything will be consolidated, saving time and effort.

From a platform provider’s perspective

The issue of double work impacts both users and us as platform providers. This includes infrastructure maintenance, feature releases, bug fixes, and software testing, all while ensuring quality and security. Moreover, there is a lack of scalable infrastructure, within the Bosch network, that meets our needs. This is a major challenge for our platform, especially as providers of “On-Demand runtime environments” within the application area. That’s why integrating our infrastructures is a top priority now.

From a business perspective

In the last two years, Calponia transformed and found a home at ETAS GmbH, joining forces with the solution Mobility Cloud. As a result, the strategy shifted from PreSOP to also include PostSOP use cases. This evolution resulted in the new platform name, PANTARIS, and the brand design of ETAS. While the external instance was updated in this transformation, calponia.bosch.com still reflects the previous name and PreSOP focus.
The migration will unify our appearance, communication, and business approach, resolving these differences.

:footprints: How we proceed

We will transfer all user accounts and data to our external infrastructure without the loss of functionality, security, or quality.

User accounts

You do not have an account on pantaris.io? We will create one for you. When logging in for the first time, you are asked to consent to our data privacy and terms of use.

You have accounts on both instances? No problem. These accounts will be merged and provide you all data of both instances in one!

Projects, resources, and files

All projects including all resources and data will be moved. The domain will be replaced, but paths of the URLs remain the same. Please update your bookmarks.
https://calponia.bosch.com/.../ -> https://platform.pantaris.io/.../

All projects must be assigned to organizations, as PANTARIS operates exclusively in a B2B context. We will migrate projects by cost center into existing organizations. If none is suitable, projects will be assigned to “No organization.” For further guidance, we will provide a dedicated info page.

Purchased applications

Applications purchased and activated by projects are not transferred. You will need to reactivate them within your project. We will ensure that your applications remain accessible and are ready for use again in just a few clicks.

Developer area

Applications in the Developer area will not be moved. In the last two years, we established a completely new area; PANTARIS Creator, to give you even more tools do bring your ideas to life.
Open PANTARIS Creator, create a new application, head over to Versions and push the git repository of your application from calponia.bosch.com. From here on, enjoy exploring all the new functionalities.

:new: What will change?

  • The most noticeable change is the adaptation of the name PANTARIS, as well as the new corporate design of ETAS.

  • Projects now only exist within the context of organizations. We are committed to making this transition as seamless as possible.

  • Through our publicly accessible marketplace, the number of potential customers will increase significantly for service providers. As a user, you can benefit from more services to further optimize your daily tasks.

  • The developer area has been relocated to its dedicated domain, offering more features for the development and distribution of your services.

  • As we migrate two instances into one, the domain will change. Make sure to update your bookmarks.

  • As the legal entity changes, you will have to agree to the new terms and conditions and resubscribe to the newsletter (ETAS eNews).

:triangular_flag_on_post: What to do concretely?

As a service provider, it is important to have your applications published on the PANTARIS marketplace by Sept 29, 2023, and to thoroughly test them for uninterrupted use by your current users.
Don’t delay – get started now! :slight_smile: .
On moving day, keep a close eye on your email inbox to promptly respond to activation requests for your service from PANTARIS marketplace (in case of Limited availability).

As a user, check the cost centers of your projects until Sept 29, 2023. They will be used for assignment to an existing organization. After the migration, review your project’s organization assignment. If there are project(s) assigned to “No organization,” we will provided documentation for the next steps. Make sure to update saved links and bookmarks, along with mounted network drives/access (WebDav) for files, device configurations, and calendar subscriptions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions on this topic.

Your PANTARIS team :v:
(formerly Calponia)