Need to create container inside container

Hi all,
In our project we have the concept like creating the container inside another container,

Container 1 - Backend, API - /api/start-container/
Container 2 - Build

If some build is triggered on container 1(backend) through api, I need to create the container 2(Build).
So we need special privilege accessibility for connecting with docker socket, to run containers inside the container.

Just for testing i have tired in our container.

Hi, we don’t support docker in docker. Please create a feature request via the ticket-system, if you need it.

As an alternative, you could host the build runs on a public cloud provider rather then on PANTARIS.

Okay. Thanks for the update.

Do we have auto scaling in pantaris or only manual scaling.?

If we have auto scaling, could you please provide any reference to integrate in the project.
In our use case we have to follow event driven scaling.

Scaling is one app stack per project and you can define a static set amount for each container in your compose file

Okay.Is it possible to set the traffic limit of the container?
In our case one of our server needs to handle one at a time and other requests will be distributed among the replicas.

No, thats not possible. The app runtime targets the 90% of basic hosting cases right now. For more advanced setups, please use the “Third party hosting” option while creating an application. This allows you to connect apps, which are hosted own infrastructure / other providers

Hi , Is there any suggestion for public cloud hosting.?

AWS, Azure and so on wherever you a familiar with

Will pantaris be able to connect with Bosch private cloud.?

PANTARIS runs in the public internet, as long as your service is reachable from the internet, PANTARIS can reach it as well.

Wanted to check whether application hosted in BCN (Bosch Corporate Network) will be able to connect with PANTARIS.?
We need conformation to proceed further.

Please consult the belonging application owner as those networks might have additional gateways.