PANTARIS will run on Microsoft Azure starting June 17th

It was a long way, but now we finally migrate the whole PANTARIS platform from AWS to Microsoft Azure on 17th June 2023.
As this has a huge impact on the whole system, we cannot do this without a downtime of approximately 4 hours. During this time-span the platform will only be usable to a limited extent or not at all.

We apologize for this inconvenience, but assure you that this is an important next step towards improving our web service.
If you like to try out your service on the new infrastructure, please visit, as our staging environment is already successfully migrated to Azure.

What will change?

Please be aware that with this improvement of the infrastructure existing IP addresses will change. The volumes of Sandbox apps won’t be migrated. On restart, new volumes are assigned to them but all their data will be gone. The XS package is not available anymore. Existing instances will be migrated to package S.

Anything else to notice?

Running app-instances will be terminated before the migration and will be started automatically when the migration is successfully done.

Short update to the migration:

  • Migration was finished at 3:20pm on 17th of June
  • Instances on packet XS had reduced performance started on the evening of 17th until 19th (11:45am) of June
  • Migrated app-volumes can have additional files, which were deleted between 5th of June (10pm) and 17th of June. Please create a ticket, if you are facing issues with it