Permanently remove existing volumes per Sandbox tag/version


as far as I understood, when creating a Sandbox the volumes are re-used if the same tag/version is used. So, when I have a tag “foo” and created a sandbox on it, also after stopping the sandbox and creating a new one of the same tag the volumes (and the persisted data) will reappear.

We sometimes felt the need to “wiping” the volumes of a Sandbox instance. I know another approach would be to delete all data from within the instance (either e.g. via REST or via CLI tools directly within the containers) but I was wondering if there is a way to remove those dangling volumes somehow?

The other “way” in the current iteration is to create a sandbox in a new project.

I think the correct platform handling is part of the next feature release, where the volumes are removed completely on deleting (!= stop) sandboxes.

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