Permissions for stopping the sandbox

Hello team,

We are trying to host our application in the Calponia service portal. After successfully pushing the code and starting the Sandbox we are not able to stop it manually. The sandbox gets automatically stopped after one day then only we are able to integrate our further code changes. Currently we are using a free plan of Calponia portal.

Hi @a.arjun

nice to hear you are starting with Calponia.

Only project owners can start and stop instances in their projects. So you either ask one of your project owners to stop it or you go for the belonging owner role in that or a new project.

Our UI should be more clear on that error. I will transfer the feedback. Thank you.

Best regards

Hello @thomas.schuerle .

Thanks for the quick response. I will get the required permissions and try again.

Hi Arjun,

I set you and other colleagues as owner of the project “ETAS System Test”.