Publication of application

Dear Calponia Community,

I just started with my team to discover the possibilities of Calponia within a Demo project.
So far we are very pleased with the plattform.
But: we are now waiting for a month for the publication of a first app.
Could this be due to working with a Demo project?
Also a support request ended without a solution / answer.

Any ideas?

Many thanks,

Hello @karlgeorg.stapf,

glad to hear that you are pleased with the platform. I’m here to improve the experience further and find out what went wrong with the publication of your app. I checked approval requests and your name doesn’t appear. I’m also not awear of a support request.

I’m sure we can fix the issue. Therefor I’ll contact you directly.

Thank you for your patience until now,

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Hi @matthias.koehler7,

many thanks for the reply and the meeting we had.
Demo project was not the issue.
Thanks for the proposal to contact you directly in case we again want to publish an App.

Also many thanks for the tips&tricks regarding the platform.
I will share this with my team.


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