Release v0.10: License packages

As a service provider, you will be able to monitor your customer’s license packages. This results in a higher transparency for you and your customers and enables, for example, an overview of the degree of utilization of a license.

To support the sales process of your application, you can license it to organizations via the service portal. Head to your application, select “Licenses” in the navigation and create a new license following the modals.

To support the different licenses, you might want to offer for your application, you can create custom parameters to represent any specific parts of the license agreement.

How the custom parameters are defined is up to you, and the values of the custom parameters are set by your application code. We currently support any integer values. An example for a custom parameter would be the amount of vehicles in the organization that have a specific value as one of their attributes.

Read more about licensing in our developer documentation.

The following GIFs explain how to create a license, how to define parameters, create a position, and edit a position.