Release v0.13: We are changing our brand design

:loudspeaker: New name – more platform power

Today we would like to inform you about our upcoming changes.

Calponia and Mobility Cloud will be marketed as the overall solution PANTARIS and will be positioned under the ETAS brand as of December 14, 2022.

In the first step, there will be parallel operation with redirects so that the availability of the platform can be ensured. In the medium term, however, there will no longer be a distinction between Mobility Cloud and Calponia and the names will no longer be used.

What will change?

  • The most noticeable change is the adaptation of the new name PANTARIS, as well as the new corporate design of ETAS.
  • As we change our platform name, the domain will also change. We are currently working at full speed to be productively available on the new domain with our new name and new design as of December 14, 2022.
    Do not worry, a redirect is done automatically.
  • As the legal entity changes, you will have to agree to our new terms and conditions and subscribe to our newsletter again.

What to do concretely?

As a service provider, you don’t have any major tasks – e.g. the platform brand change will not effect any Bosch design components that we currently provide.
However, it is important that you test the new platform and its features sufficiently. Our plan is to deploy a testing instance in the 3rd week of November 2022. After that, you will have time until 12/13/22 to test everything.
On 12/14/22, the new release will go live. Users will also be informed in time through different channels. Please take a look at the upcoming deprecations too: Deprecation of domain and app interfaces - Deprecations - PANTARIS .

As a user stay tuned for the new brand appearance! Your saved links and bookmarks will work as usual and redirect you to the new domain, make sure to update them. This includes: mounted WebDAV storages, GIT repositories and device configurations.


  • With ETAS as the corporate brand, ETAS cloud services and the Mobility Cloud services will be soon available on the marketplace.
  • By transferring the platform to ETAS, we are tapping into new customer groups. As a service provider, the number of potential customers will increase significantly.

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to start or join the discussion below or contact us via our support.

Stay healthy and best regards,

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