Release v0.14: Usage of applications on Organization level

In the past, services in the Marketplace could only be subscribed from projects (at the project level).

Our goal is to optimize transparency for organization owners in terms of costs and to generally simplify the handling of organizational resources. Therefore, it will be possible to develop services for the organization level in the future, which can then be subscribed. The services can be used with all resources of all projects or with resources of selected projects.

Basic information

For Service Providers
When creating a service, you can choose if you would like to provide it on organization level or project level. If you publish your service on organization level, it can be subscribed from the organization and can be used with corresponding project data.

  1. Choose if you would like to create a service on project- or organization level
  2. Develop it
  3. Publish your service
  4. Approve the requested services if the app is not public

For Organization Owners
You can now subscribe a service and then select the projects you need to access the project data from. Furthermore, the organization owner has an overview about the subscribed services and is able to check, which service is running with which project data.

Subscribing a service

  1. Go to Organizations
  2. Choose the organization
  3. Navigate to ‘Services’ tab on the sidebar
  4. Go to ‘Marketplace’
  5. Subscribe a service
  6. Choose the organization
  7. Choose projects which should be able to use the service (can be edited later)
  8. If the service is to be requested, wait for the approval by the service provider

Getting an overview about the services in your organization

  1. Go to ‘Services’ in Organizations
  2. Choose the service which you want to have a look at by clicking ‘View details’
  3. Now the provided information about the service usage in your projects is visible
  4. You can also check via the ‘Permissions’ tab if the request has been approved by the service provider yet
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I have a service implemented, originally for project level. The service is already published.
Now we need to have the service on organization level. How can I change the service context and assign this service to an organization instead a project like today?


Hi, right now in this early stage, we don’t offer a migration-path to swap the level after creation. You can create a new application and follow the steps provided in the first post of this thread.