Release v0.16.0: Windows application stream

Windows application stream (experimental)

Traditional windows desktop applications can be integrated into the PANTARIS ecosystem so that users can access them easier via the web and without any installation or onboarding efforts.
This hosting option is called Windows application stream and uses similar concepts as the already existing types Standard and Third party integration.

This is an experimental feature so that users can test it in an early stage and provide feedback.
If you would like to test it, you can request an upgrade directly in the PANTARIS Creator or contact us via our support.

Where to find it:

  1. Go to the PANTARIS Creator
  2. Create a new application
  3. Choose Windows application stream hosting
  4. Enter an application and publisher name
  5. Upgrade the application
  6. Once approved by us, you can fully test it

We will provide detailed documentation with the release.