Release v0.8: CIAM User Hub Migration

We now use CIAM User Hub for the internal ( and external ( instance. This offers a new authentication process, you find details below:

External users: Click Login with CIAM Bosch ID and use your existing account.
Bosch users: In general we recommend to switch to the Login for Bosch Employees.

Login with CIAM Bosch ID (only external, like always):

On the external platform you can still login with your CIAM Bosch ID. That’s the account you used before.

In general we recommend to switch to the Login for Bosch Employees for Bosch Employees. Therefore you have to login to the CIAM Bosch ID Account, and start the migration (there will be a banner on the page top). Then you will get a migration token via email, which you have to enter in a new account you get when registering via Login for Bosch Employees. Here’s a short video:

This option is not available on the internal instance.

Login for Bosch Employees (external and internal, new):

This option is enabled by default for the internal instance, and means you will be logged in automatically from now on, when signed in with your CI managed device.

For the external instance we recommend migrating your account to this option too, if you are a Bosch employee. B2B customers may have to switch to the CIAM User Hub account in the future.