Release v0.9: Organizations

Organizations (MVP)

We added another level on top of projects, so called organizations. An administrative level to get a better overview of active projects in your department.


Customers (OEMs or other Bosch departments) have multiple projects in Calponia along with their resources. These resources are often shared between projects or shifted from one to another in their daily work. To mirror this project setup today, users create the same physical resource for each project which it is used in. E.g., if one vehicle is used in 3 projects, the vehicle is created 3 times. This is very error prone, results in several duplicates and raises the question, which project is most up to date? What is the single source of truth here?


The MVP creates the basis for users to share resources between projects in an organization. New roles give rights to manage resources for cross-projects tasks without the need to be invited to each project. In the future, it should also be available for calponia application. Nevertheless the frontend of applications can already use some features by requesting additional permissions via the Application manifest. So, stay tuned for more!