Release v0.9: Service Portal

Service Portal

Our brand new Service Provider Portal is now the central place to develop, manage, and collaborate on your applications. It is an extended version of the existing Developer Area and replaces it.

The Service Portal offers several added values for service developers and service providers and leads to a completely new and intuitive user experience.

Just to name a few features:

Development of new services will be easier and more comfortable with a Git-based workflow in combination with and a sandbox to test under real conditions.

If your application is released on the marketplace, you can easily manage customer requests and customize infrastructure packages according to their needs. The costs incurred for each project are precisely traceable.

The predefined statistics give insights about popularity and usage across the different versions.

We want to present a quick guide on how to use the Service Portal and create or manage applications.

If you don’t have a project on Calponia yet, switch to the Platform and create one with demo-content.

Okay, let’s start and if you struggle during the first steps, have a look at Creating a new application in Calponia:

Login to Service Portal


Congratulations, you just have launched your first own application.

If you want to modify the application, clone the repository and change some lines.

You will find the setup information in the Versions of your application. After you pushed a change, you just have to stop the application and start it again. You can do this in the Sandbox.

If you encounter any problems, just comment this forum entry below or contact us.

We wish you a lot of fun while getting used to it and looking forward to the exciting projects you will develop.

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