"remove" on versions does not delete the branch in Git?

Hi, I have a question about the behaviour of the “remove version” feature for Apps.
When a version is removed, “git ls-remote” still shows them in the repo.

For instance for our Application, only “main” and “development” are listed as a version in the Portal right now, however other branches like “docs” that have been removed are still known to Git.


I could remove the branches from Git though with a regular “git push -d”.
It’s not a big deal, I’m rather trying to understand what “remove version” does.

Hi @clemens.freitag

when deleting the version in PANTARIS, the modal shows you the mesage:

Remove the application version from PANTARIS. All application members will permanently lose access to this version and its marketplace appearance. It will still exist in git.

We don’t modify your git repository at any point right now. You can remove the branch as you have written.

Hi Thomas, thanks for explaination

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