Required detailed documentation of pantaris.css

Can you please provide us the detail documentation of Pantries CSS and JavaScript?
the below link doesn’t have the complete information about the CSS.
pantries css

You can find more information here. Right now, we don’t provide js to the components.

Our internal (react-) components are in a alpha state. It’s not definied when we provide them to service providers.

We require an editable dropdown in our project. The link that was share previously doesn’t contain option of editable dropdown or control that is relevant.
In the below picture you can see what kind of control we are looking for it should be editable.

unfortunately you have to create it by yourself. We currently don’t have the capacities to work on any feature requests belonging the css-framework. Long-term it shoud go open-source, but its to early to wait for that.

our project will be hosted in pantries. we have a doubt regarding the usage of CSS.
Is it mandatory to use calponia/pantries CSS for the UI or we can even use Bosch CSS .
please refer the links below and suggest us weather we can use any CSS or only pantries.

Bosch Css

Calponia/pantries Css


it is not mandatory to use the CSS that PANTARIS provides.
So yes, it is totally fine to use the Bosch CSS and the frontend-kit the Bosch brandguide provides.

The Calponia CSS in Bosch style will not be developed further because it is now part of ETAS with their own brand appearance.