Running Third party app in organization runtime environment

  1. How can I run a Third party app in an organization runtime environment ? (The checkbox available when creating standard application is missing when creating Third party application)
  2. How to provide an organization scope when requesting to Authorization Endpoint in Auth flow?
  3. Is it possible to get the placeholder value for __PANTARIS_ORGANIZATION_ID__ if we directly open the app external url (not opening through Pantaris)
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Third party apps are not available on organization level yet.


a few more questions, related to this.

  1. Can we get all the projects in an organization from a third party app ?
  2. and also when I remove the { project_id:application_id} from the scope, I still get an access token but the when querying the current user results in error. so is this scope ({project_id:application_id}) always required and is this the maximum scope we can request ?
  1. no, apps have permissions to their belonging scope
  2. Scopes are documented here: Documentation | PANTARIS