Standard Instance - Increase hardware capabilities for Docker compose

Dear Calponia Team,

Is it possible to upgrade the Standard Instance for docker-compose? Can we request an specific configuration for CPU and Memory?

Thank you!

Hello @rafael and welcome at the forum,

In the freemium class you can request a few more ressources then default. Please check this.

In one of our next releases, this will be extended to dedicated nodes, which can be sized per application instance. Those will not be free. Details will be communicated, once they are fixed. If you have a special configuration in mind, let us know, then we can run a alpha test on one of our test instances.

Hi @thomas.schuerle,

Thank you for your return. I guess a dual core CPU and 16GB RAM should be enough to run the needed application.

How can we be informed about this feature availability?

Sounds fine, something between two of our packages. Will see once they are fixed.

This feature is planed for release 0.9.0. Once, the release was published, you will see it in the top-right “what’s new” behind the info-icon, a connect post, the changelog of the documentation-page, the newsletter and maybe more. Pretty sure, you will get it :slight_smile:

Currently we are using a external VM and we need to use the Calponia VM asap, so this is quite urgent for us. What really means release 0.9.0? Can you provide a due date for that to be available?

There is no date set yet, get in touch with the project-mangement by creating a ticket to make your need kown.

I do not understand, we are explaining what we need in this ticket right here, why should I open another one?

Hi @thomas.schuerle,

In the last ticket, they redirect us to this forum.

See here

Sadly we do not have a date for the release, it may hit by the end of the year or at the beginning of the next one. We are currently fully in the release process for the version 0.8.0.

The release 0.9.0 will also be available on one of our test instances. As @thomas.schuerle mentioned, you can provide us some details via the support channel and we will see you can test this.