Tweaking the keycloak token and session values for testing

Hi Team,

We have published our application on pantaris-latest and wants to test few scenarios with the token and session validity by changing the values to a lower value.

So we request your help in changing the access token, refresh token SSO session idle and SSO session max values to a lower time during and testing. We need an hour to test this usecase and the values can be reverted later.

We want to know the current values set for the above claims mentioned so that we can inform you what values we expect you to set during our testing

Kindly let us know who can help us and when can we plan our testing.

hey, the config is not final yet. Currently:

  • SSO Session Idle: 10h
  • SSO Session Max : 10h

Thanks. We want the values to be configured as below

  • SSO Session Idle: 25 min
  • SSO Session Max : 60 min
  • refresh: 60 min
  • access: 10 min

Kindly let us know when this is done so that we will test and confirm you to revert the values. We may need around 2 hours for the testing

I assume you are testing with the app be6fd9cc-e5bf-11ed-98c7-773fda295962? Adjusted the values for that app only.