Unable to clone pantaria repo


I’m trying to clone the pantaris repo on a application I created myself, but the git clone command keeps returning an “no permissions error” with HTTP. Cloning using using SSH gives me “Could not resolve hostname git.pantaris.io”.

Any idea what could be causing this?

If you get a permission error on git via http, it’s either:

  • you are not a member of the belonging application
  • the used token is removed/expired or does not belong the belonging application

If you are using multiple application, make sure to use http-path based credentials via git config credential.useHttpPath true as written in the guide in the PANTARIS Creator in the version section.

The error message for ssh indicates, that you ssh agent is not able to resolve hostname or in other words, to connect to the public internet. If you are using a cooperate network you may need to setup a proxy or configure you firewall or similar. If you need additional help for this error, please contact your local it-team, which is familiar with your device/network, as this is a client-side issue and not related to PANTARIS.


It was a VPN issue! Disconnecting it solved the problem!

Thank you!