Unable to Login to Pantaris UI Page with Technical User: Seeking Alternative Credentials for UI Automation

Is it possible to login to the Pantaris UI page with a technical user?

I have created a technical user in the project, and I want to access my UI application hosted on the Pantaris platform. When the Application URL is opened in a new window, it shows the Pantaris login page. To bypass it, I have created a technical user, but I am unable to login with it. For this kind of scenario, are there any alternative credentials I can use?

In UI automation, we can’t pass personal or own credentials because it contains the password. Please let me know if there is any solution for this scenario

No, our UIs are designed for human users. Machines normally use the APIs directly :slight_smile:

Am I right, you mean e2e-testing with “UI automation”? For your normal tests its common to mock your dependencies (e.g. the PANTARIS part) and take the assumption those are functional.

Yes, But I’m unable to bypass the Pantaris login page to navigate to my application. Without logging in, I can’t access our UI page, making end-to-end automation testing impossible. Are there any techniques I can use to directly access my application page without going through the Pantaris login page?

what kind of application do you have? Standard (container runtime) or third party hosted?

Standard application

Don’t think you can by pass the login screen right now without providing valid credentials. So either parameterize your runs with it or the better approach run a local version of the docker containers within your cicd pipeline and mock the PANTARIS context around it. Depending on the features you use that can be easy or needs some work.

Hi @thomas.schuerle , I have created a Bosch technical user for automation. I am able to login to the Pantaris page locally, but I’m encountering an issue on the Jenkins Windows agent where I cannot login. I’m receiving a “Your sign-in was blocked” message because the agent is not on the BCN network. I contacted Jenkins support and they suggested allowing traffic from the IP ranges used by the runner on the Pantaris login page. Is it possible to allow this, so I can login to Pantaris on the Jenkins Windows agent as well?

Hi, the login is provided by an Identity provider and not by PANTARIS itself. Similar to the technical user you have created. You can ask them via the common support hotline.