Web service hosted in Bosch corporate network is accessible through Pantaris


We host a web service inside the Bosch corporate network. For just experimental purposes we pushed an angular application that interacts with the web service to Pantaris and tested it in the sandbox. What is very interesting is, that the web service which is hosted inside the Bosch corporate network is reachable trough Pantaris. How is this possible? Does Pantaris have access to the internal Bosch network? Is it hosted inside the network itself?

Thank you for you help! :slight_smile:

No, PANTARIS is hosted in the Internet and has no special access to the corporate network.

That’s only possible if the webservice is internet-facing (e.g. through an API-Gateway, even if it’s hosted within one layer of the corporate network). Contact belonging people of the web-service or PSIRT, if that’s a security issue.

The webservice is not available to the public, just tested it. But still it is reachable through Pantaris. That is very interesting. Do you have any idea how this is possible?

Please share more information via ticket and we can check what’s the magic here :slight_smile:

Ticket should include

  • which request do you send
  • which is the “web service”
  • which app-instance your sending it from