Webdav MKCOL Method results in Status Code 500

I got a question regarding the following behavior of webdav-pantaris.
I’m getting an unexpected behavior when I call the webdav MKCOL Method. In particular, the mkcol statement is as follows:

MKCOL host/existing_folder/new_folder/new_folder  > returns 500 - NOK?

If I see it right, according to the documentation of MKCOL Method (HTTP Extensions for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) ), it should return 409 return code in such situation.
But in my case, I’m getting 500 Internal Server Error on the mentioned call, which I think it is a faulty response.
Could you please comment on this… ? Could related to a permission issue for instance ? Or any other issue not related to webdav-pantaris implementation ?
… for now, I don’t see the reason why the return code is 500 and not 409 instead.

What I’m also getting…

MKCOL host/existing_folder/new_folder  > returns 201 - OK
MKCOL host/existing_folder/existing_folder  > returns 409 - OK

Vojtech Talir

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