What is the maximum size of a volume in calponia-beta.bosch.com?

I would like to know what are the limits of a volume in calponia-beta.bosch.com? How does it differ to the other platforms, such as platform.calponia.com. What is the long term plan for this? Will it be configurable in the future?

Bosch instances are limited by hardware. Configuration isn’t planned here. For platform.calponia.com a configuration is planned.

For calponia.com I assume a 16TB Limit once billing is active. For now the limit is at 1GB (per volume +instance). If you have a higher request it would be nice to know the usecase

For the current prototype this is more than sufficient. We use the volume for storing database, log files and reports. The size of one report is between 5MB to 20MB.

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