Easier way to scan QR codes

Easier way to scan QR codes

– A new and easier way to scan QR codes is now available, while we continue to support old QR codes.

Since May 14th 2024, the old Fleet Organizer iOS App is no longer available. As a replacement, we have optimized the current website for mobile devices. Additionally using and scanning QR codes has become easier.
Newly generated QR codes can now be scanned by any camera and will lead you directly to the corresponding resource view (if you have access rights). Old QR code can not be created anymore.
Don’t worry, the old QR codes still work! Instead of the iOS app, use PANTARIS via your preferred browser.

How to tell the difference? Old QR codes have a Calponia icon placed in the center, while new QR codes are generated with the ETAS logo.

To increase convenience, we recommend replacing old codes in the near future.
We hope you enjoy this update. Read more about the latest release.

Best regards,
your PANTARIS Team :v: