Release v0.17.0: Introducing a mobile optimized Workspace

Release 0.17.0
Mobility and location independence are important to us for our Release 0.17.0. That’s why we have invested time to replace our iOS app with a responsive mobile view. Not all functions can be found in this view, but those will be added in one of the next releases. If you come with a desktop, we have added an entry point for you in the project overview. If you come with your smartphone, you will be automatically redirected.

We hope you enjoy trying it out and we look forward to your feedback.

General description
It is important to us that all our users can experience smooth usage regardless of the device they are using. Therefore, we provide an adaptive and responsive UI. As a result, there are some differences in the usage of various UI components. In the following, we would like to inform you about these differences between using desktop PCs with large screen sizes and mobile devices with smaller screen sizes.

Header Tools

In the mobile view, you can access the header tools, which allow you to perform workspace-wide actions or changes, in the familiar location via the ‘Options’ icon (1). For more clarity, we have slightly restructured the content compared to the desktop version. Thus, in the mobile view, you will find the options ‘Language’ and ‘Log out’ at the top level, whereas in the desktop version, they are accessible via your user icon. To close the header tools again, click on the small ‘x’ icon in the top right corner (2).


To switch between projects, click on the header (1) and access the overview, which displays the name of the current project you are in. This overview can also be closed at any time by clicking on the same area.

In this view, you now have the following options (from top to bottom):
“Switch Organizations”: Choose between all organizations you are a member of or navigate to the overview of all your organizations.
“Current Organization” (in this example, “Acme Corporation”): Here you can see which organization you are currently in. By clicking here, you can also access the overview page of this specific organization (2).
“Search by project name”: If you want to switch to another project or fleet within your organization, you can do so either through the search field or by selecting from the list below.

If you are in the overview of a specific organization, you can use the click field in the header (4) to switch directly between the individual organizations or to access the overview of all your organizations (5). This may be necessary, for example, to create new organizations. Of course, you can also always access the projects or fleets within an open organization (3) at any time.

QR Code Scan & Device Location

As a user, you have the option to use the camera of your smartphone or tablet to scan QR codes. QR codes can be utilized to quickly identify resources or equipment, thus establishing a fast connection between the physical product in front of the camera and its digital counterpart in the Fleet Organizer.
To use the scanning function, you have two options: You can either use the built-in feature in your smartphone or tablet’s camera app, or (recommended by us) you can find a small ‘QR code’ icon in the toolbar at ‘Equipment’ and ‘Resources / Vehicles / …’ located at the top right corner (1) within the Fleet Organizer. This icon allows you to perform the scan directly. We recommend using the latter option.
You may need to allow camera access to the domain once (2) before scanning.

You can document the location of your vehicle in the Fleet Organizer by using the location data of your phone. Simply scroll down to the “Location” section in the Vehicle Detail View and click the “Update” button (1). A small overlay will appear, allowing you to select “Use phone location”. You may need to allow the domain access to your phone’s location data once (2), and the location will then be automatically determined.

Absent features

If you are an enthusiastic user of our ‘Timeline View’ in the calendar, we regret to inform you that it will not be available on the smallest screen sizes in the current software version.