From application-requests to subscription

As written in a previous deprecation: We are iterating over the “Licenses”-Module (provider portal, organization) to heavily extend the feature-set including user created pricing plans and subscriptions.

This also includes how applications are requested, when the application is published on a limited availability. Until now, a given project-application or organization-application is requested. In the future, this will be move to the subscription. Once an active subscription exists an application can be used. The subscription exists between a organization and an application. You can limited the amount of project-application within a given subscription using the platform managed parameter Organization project-application in the belonging pricing plan.

On the technical site, this removes:

  • all endpoints of the resource organization-application-approval-requests

  • all endpoints of the resource project-application-approval-requests

  • the properties pendingProviderApprovalRequest, pendingProviderApprovalRequest, providerApproved, providerApprovedAt, providerApprovedBy from the resource organization-applications and project-applications