From licenses to subscriptions

We are iterating over the “Licenses”-Module (provider portal, organization) to heavly extend the feature-set including user created pricing plans and subscriptions. Existing license-data will be migrated to subscriptions. There will be a more detailed post in the News-Section later one.

Therefor all endpoints of the ressources:

  • application-licenses
  • application-license-parameters
  • application-license-positions
  • application-license-position-parameters

are deprected and will be replaced by new ones. This will happend in release 0.15 or 0.16 (will update once decided)

The only exception are the endpoints:

  • GET /application-license-position-parameters/{ids}
  • PATCH /application-license-position-parameters/current-value
  • PATCH /application-license-position-parameters/current-value-relative

which have legacy support and will work with subscriptions on a minimal level. They will be removed in a later release. You can switch to the following endpoints, once subscriptions are available:

  • GET /application-pricing-plan-position-parameters/{ids}
  • PATCH /application-pricing-plan-position-parameters/current-value
  • PATCH /application-pricing-plan-position-parameters/current-value-relative