Release v0.15: Pricing plans and Subscriptions

Pricing plans and Subscriptions

With release v0.15 we introduce the new powerful feature set pricing plans and subscriptions.
This new feature set also brings some major changes.

Pricing plans

Highlighted features

Pricing plan creation for Providers
Service providers can create multiple pricing plans within PANTARIS Creator before publishing their service on the marketplace. Various pricing metrics like one-time payment, base fee, and dynamic costs offer pricing flexibility. Custom billing units are also available to align with specific service requirements.

Easy subscription process for Users
Customers can directly subscribe to their chosen pricing plan through the marketplace. By accepting terms and conditions, users can access their desired service in just a few clicks.

Subscription customization
Providers can easily customize subscriptions based on pricing plans to consider individual customer needs.

Transparent usage monitoring
The monitoring feature provides a comprehensive overview of service usage, utilizing both default and custom units. This ensures transparency for both providers and consumers.

What’s changing?

  • Renaming “Licenses” to “Subscriptions”
    The side menu item in PANTARIS Creator and PANTARIS Organization has been renamed. License management is still possible under “Subscriptions” via Payment interval „Manually“ and Dynamic costs with units of type „Budget“
  • Access to services now requires an active subscription
    Active subscriptions have been generated for pre-existing instances and have been assigned a customized pricing plan, free of charge.
  • Direct subscriptions for individual projects are no longer possible
    Subscriptions are now established between the Provider’s service and the PANTARIS Organization (which represents the legal entity). Once subscribed, all projects of the organization gain access, with the service provider able to limit project-applications through the pricing plan.
  • Services published with limited availability, require a subscription request rather than an instance request. Read more

What to do concretely?

As service provider

  • Create pricing plans for your service and publish it on the marketplace, so that new customers can subscribe to it.
  • If your service uses License endpoints, please refer to the deprecations, make adjustments if needed and verify that your service’s functionality is unaffected.
  • Review the automatically migrated subscriptions in PANTARIS Creator per service for each customer, and make necessary adjustments. This feature set does not currently carry any legal implications.

As service user

  • Continue as you were; your purchased services will work as usual.
  • Benefit from transparency in subscriptions usage and costs.
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